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UNLUCKY STARS - Director's Cut ( TRT 88 minutes)

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About the Film

Why we had to RErelease the film ourselves.

Round Kick, Independent Film, 108 Media, Distribution Deal, Unprofessional, Lawsuit, Bad Contract

Read about our terribly exhausting experience with our distributor. This is for all Independent Film Makers out there - be careful who you do business with!


Unlucky Stars,

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Production Team


Meet the Unlucky Stars Production Team!   Bringing Old School Action Back took 6 Super Committed Individuals and an incredible cast of Filmmakers, Actors and Martial Arts Stuntmen that shared our vision.  

Richard Norton Plugs Unlucky Stars

Richard Norton was always one of our heroes from the Golden Era of Hong Kong Action Cinema. For years he made multiple appearances on screen with Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao. We're incredibly honored and grateful for his support!

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