Production Team

DENNIS RUEL - Director, Actor, Producer

Dennis Ruel Hapkido Director Actor Martial Artist

Born and raised in the SF Bay Area,  Dennis has been training in the martial art, Hapkido since 1994. After  attaining a Blackbelt, Dennis began to teach martial arts full time  while pursuing a career in the film industry. Being a huge fan of Hong  Kong action films inspired Dennis to start making his own movies and  eventually lead to his meeting Jose Montesinos and joining "The Stunt  People" in 2006. After signing with Look Talent Agency, he began to  collaborate with Stephen Reedy, Vlad Rimburg, and Ken Quitugua.  Prototype Monks' first short, Rival Grocers paved the way to Unlucky  Stars!

VLAD RIMBURG - Choreographer, Actor, Producer

Vlad Rimburg

Born in Babruisk, Belarus, raised in Los Angeles, Vlad began his Martial  Arts training at the age of Six. He studied Tang Soo Do then  transitioned to Tae Kwon Do in his teens. Vlad grew up watching Jackie  Chan and Jean-Claude Van Damme Movies and was later introduced to other  pioneers of the Hong Kong Golden Era when he began making films himself.  Vlad's inspirations come from Sammo Hung and Korean Action Director  Jung Doo Hong. Vlad strongly believes in being innovative with his  action design as he brings a unique blend of old a new school action to  Unlucky Stars.

KEN QUITUGUA - Actor, Graphic Designer, Producer


Ken began studying Shaolin Kung Fu in 1991. After earning his Black  Sash, 4 Grand Championships and the title of Senior Instructor, he  decided it was time to move on and open up. In 2001, Ken headed to San  Francisco where he continued to broaden his knowledge of the Martial  Arts. Wushu, Capoeira, Muay Thai and Brazilian JiuJitsu have kept him  active to this day. He also auditioned and became a member of the indie  film & stunt team Zero Gravity. As Ken gained confidence with  filmmaking and acting, he began collaborating with like-minded  filmmakers and martial artists.

GIOVANNIE ESPIRITU - Actor, Casting Director, Co-Producer

Giovannie Espiritu Actor Acting Instructor

Giovannie  a seasoned, working actress who has been nominated for BEST SUPPORTING  ACTRESS at Methodfest alongside Academy Award Nominees Alfre Woodard,  and Amy Irving. Her PRIMETIME credits include a recurring role on ER  (NBC), BONES (FOX),GILMORE GIRLS (ABC), and TRAUMA (NBC).  She is also  founder of the, an acting studio based in the SF  Bay Area. Giovannie's students are represented by top agencies in both the Bay Area and Los Angeles. 

SARI DON SABELLA - Actor, Co-Producer


Sari Sabella is half Arab half Italian born in Amman, Jordan in 1985.   At the age of 18, he moved to the United States to pursue his Hollywood  dream, passionate about making movies and entertaining those around  him. Infatuated with the art of comedy, Sari is known among his family  and friends as “Mr. Funny Man”. Sari currently holds a Shorin Ryu black  belt under his mentor and uncle, Sensei Robert Sabella. Inspired by the  legendary Bruce Lee and his Uncle Robert, he strives to combine both  passions of martial arts and comedy in the roles he plays.

JOSE MONTESINOS - Actor, Co-Producer

Jose Montesinos Director Actor

A native San Franciscan of Peruvian and Salvadorean descent,  Jose  Montesinos  has been making movies since the age of 14. Jose has since  made many shorts including "Acid Horse" and "Deadly Finger," as well as  five feature-length films including "Owned" and "Barrio Brawler" both of  which found distribution through "Maverick Entertainment" and "The  Asylum" respectively. In 2009 he was awarded the Mastermind grant from  the SF Weekly for being recognized as a standout local talent.